Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"if she was here, she would have twitpic'd it"

san francisco. 1117. forever 21. food court. jamba juice. gaint cookie cakes. bart. GMH. 2nd floor lobby. he was the bravest man i ever knew. dramadrama. starkidpotter. twitter. stairs. homeless men. cable cars. drunk people. cold stone cupcakes. seamus. sand. #dumbledore. modern art. barefoot. join the slut club babyyy. that guy from the movie. everytime we touch. music in the bathrooms. dressing up. happiness. debbielikescereal. harry potter movies. the tenderloin. 4 am. sleeping on the floor. midnight showings. ball. steve vander ark. cotton candy. GMT. singing. "crap they were gay". half blood prince. new friends. parseltounge. ghirardelli square. rockstars. "meet me in the lobby." bonfire. surprises. pizza. chris rankin. bus rides. catching smoke with your bare hands. phone calls. wizard rock fail. shoppingcon. nutella. hugs. HPH. cold. apparation. friends. azkatraz 2009.

Another convention is over, and as always my heart hurts.

This year, I stopped worrying about being "cool" or hanging out with "the right people" or any of that crap that everyone thinks is so important. I spent time with people who I love more than anything, got to know familiar faces and met some new friends. This fandom is extremely talented and genuine, and I'm always sad to say goodbye.

See you at Infinitus, my loves :)



  1. I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought about the movie.

  2. i died laughing at "catching smoke with your bare hands"