Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Moving back to Provo for my Junior year at BYU tomorrow.

My bedroom is an absolute disaster. Bridesmaid dress from Sherry & Colton's wedding on Saturday is draped over a half full suitcase. There are papers and notebooks and pictures scattered all over the floor, waiting to be sorted. My drawers are empty, my walls are bare.

I'm leaving home to go back home.

Sometimes I worry this is my last summer here in California. Am I really ready to be an adult? Of course not, but who is? I'm excited, anxious, nervous... change always makes me uneasy (no matter how familiar these "changes" are).


  1. this brings back sooo many memories. but, think the boys are coming back soon; get ready for real "changes" then.

  2. Very descriptive - I can see a splash of orange around papers, books, and clothes. Best of luck in roommates, classes, and snow storms.