Monday, September 28, 2009

and then there were two

A couple of weeks ago we bought three fish from Walmart and named them Vegas, Dumbledore and June 25th, 2010 - the only things we really care about in this apartment.

"If Dumbledore dies, that will make sense," we said as we left the store "and Vegas will never die. Vegas can't die. But June 25th, he'll die when we don't care about our boys anymore."

June 25th 2010 is in approx. 9 months. We've been waiting for this day since June 25th 2008. Well, more like March 2008. Actually, we've always been waiting. Our favorite boys will be coming home after serving missions for our church. After two long years we'll finally be back together. Eternity, one break.

Melissa and I came home from FHE tonight, and as usual I checked on our fish. There was June 25th, under a rock at the bottom. I shook the tank, I couldn't believe my eyes. June 25th didn't move. He was dead. Melissa and I started screaming, and sprinted down the street to find the rest of our roommates. Why didn't Dumbledore die instead?!??! Why June 25th???

We buried June 25th 2010 outside of Merrill Hall, where our boys lived freshman year. His tombstone is a picture of our boys that says "RIP June 25th 2010, you'll never die in our hearts." Rest in peace dear fish, but your spirit and what you represent still lives on.

We'll always be waiting for you, June 25.

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  1. You paint a sad picture, I can see the snow falling on his grave.....actually I can't stop laughing - this is great!