Friday, September 18, 2009

I wear bows in my hair.

I wear bows in my hair. Bows on headbands, bows on clips, ribbons and bows on bobby pins. I wear obnoxiously large bows and small ones, blue ones, yellow ones, white ones and pink ones. I wear bows in my hair when I go to class, when I go to the pool, when I eat out on Friday nights and when I go to the dollar theater. I wear bows a lot.

Today I was wearing a particularly awesome creme bow headband. While walking across campus, I saw a girl wearing the same headband in a different color. As we walked past each other, she gave me a high five. We plan on walking past the same spot on campus and the same time every day to evaluate our bows. New best friend?


  1. That so sounds like the makings of a children's book. I bet if you got together with Tom's sister Jessie, she could illustrate it for you!

  2. This story is one of those MLIA stories that is really not average but cool. lol.