Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Francis Cardinal George BYU Forum

Today Francis Cardinal George came to BYU to address the student body during our university forum. The title of his presentation was Catholics and Latter Day Saints: Partners in Defense for Religious Freedom. The Marriott Center was full, and the thought of half of the student body listening to this man preach philosophy and interfaith dialogue was pretty much a dream come true.

He discussed the importance of deepening the partnerships and friendships between Christian faiths through common interests and dialogue, standing together to promote morality and dignity in our society today. Society is working to reduce religion to a private reality, and if we do not use the freedom we have been given to voice our faith we may lose this privilege. Let us defend religious freedom, let us participate in the public sphere and let our voices be heard.

Talking together, working together, praying together - it is vital that those who proclaim faith in Jesus Christ stand together for what we all believe in. "Together we can become a true blessing for each other and the world" Francis Cardinal George said as his closing remarks.

Understanding the religious convictions of those around us is vital to our society today. We can work together to promote so much good in the world, if only we soften our hearts and open our minds.

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