Friday, June 4, 2010

Awkward Times in the Laundry Room

I hate the laundry room. People always seem to walk in right as you’re pulling your undies out of the dryer. I hate making awkward conversation with random acquaintances, and I hate it even more when I’m washing my clothes.

Today was no different. I was pulling my undies out of the dryer (see, timing is everything) and he walks in. EQP is beautiful. I like to refer to him as my husband. He has been in my ward at church since August, and we’ve yet to have a real conversation – but that hasn’t stopped me from being “madly in love with him” because I totally am. I didn’t see him at first, but then he walked past me (again, as I’m pulling out my undies) and says hello.

EQP: Hey.

Um, why are randos talking to me in the laundry room? I turn around. EQP YESSSSSSS BUT WHY NOW.

Me: Oh, hey.

EQP: Hannah, right?

Me: Yeah. And I know I’m suppose to know you’re name, but I don’t…

Good job Hosking. Try and be smooth. I’m totally lying, and he knows it. I creep on him every Sunday and sometimes during the week, of course I know his full name. First, last, middle. I’m good.

EQP: It’s ____ (what if he’s secretly in love with me and stalks my blog? I CANNOT REVEAL THIS INFORMATION. Well. I could.) Nice laundry, Hannah.

Crap. The undies.

Me: Haha, well thanks. You too I guess?

EQP: Haha I guess.

Me: Well, have a nice day.

EQP: You too, see ya.

I grab my laundry bag and sprit out of there. Did I mention I was barefoot? Maybe that makes me seem ~down to earth. No, you’re right, it just makes me a crazy girl.

We’re so meant for each other, right?


  1. It's the best when a guy walks into the laundry room just as a little pink number somehow separates itself from the rest of your clothes, lands on the floor, and is suddenly subject to the gaze of a poor boy who has to pretend he hasn't seen it. The joys of co-ed laundry!

  2. Hannah I just literally laughed out loud. Smooth with the "I don't know your name." I'm impressed

  3. hahahhaha smooth, han. if he stalks you, this story definitely won't give away that it's him you're talking about ;)