Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celestial Haven

I'm sitting here with my computer open trying to think of something clever to write. All us kids are back at our beach house while the adults finish up our extremely unfair and biased wallyball tournament. Halfway through the trip, and we're all kind of exhausted. Instead of trying to be witty and entertaining I'm just going to highlight some of the best parts of the trip (mostly for you, dad!) before it's time to head back to the beach.

- Paige got stuck in the World's Largest Hammock
- Playing in the ocean for hours, and then going back for more
- Kayaking on the sound right behind our house
- It was raining and pouring, so instead of sitting around the house we went into the hot tub, where we all sat in the downpour getting soaked. Since we were already wet, we decided to run down the pier in our swimsuits with the thunder and lightning flashing all around us.
- More rain again this morning, and we were sick of sitting around inside. So we jumped on our bikes wearing nothing but our swimsuits and rode down to to beach with our boogie boards. In the storm we rode the waves until the current was too strong.
- Laying in the sun at the beach
- Searching for sand crabs
- Running around with the cousins
- World Cup breaks at 2:30pm

I'm kind of exhausted. But this trip has been one of the best, and I'm glad it's far from over. More adventures to come!


  1. Nice. Thanks for the update.

  2. What? The Foard Family Dance Party didn't make your list? :)