Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hosking World Domination 2010

And by World Domination, I mean Domination of the I-70.

My mom, siblings and I are packing up and driving across the country. Why? Why not. Knowing us, it'll be an adventure filled with obnoxious singing, hilarious inside jokes and less bathroom breaks then we'd like. My mom, Paige and Abby are already on their way from California to Utah, where they'll pick up Jake and I. We've made the drive between California and Utah more times than I can even count, but a cross country roadtrip is something we have yet to conquer.

Since something entertaining is bound to happen across those 3,000 miles I figured I'd better blog about it. Starting tomorrow, look forward to annoying pictures I've taken from the front seat (yeah I just called it) that aren't funny to anyone but me, quotes from Jake and a list of songs we've been screaming along to.

Abby and I will also be tweeting more than necessary. Follow us!@hannahetoile & @MissAbbyCadabby

Midwest America, get ready.


  1. I 2nd Melissa! Make it Bentonville, and you can stay with my old roomie!

    BTW - Kansas never ends.