Tuesday, June 22, 2010

no need to say goodbye

Leaving Provo is always hard.

Cleaning out my desk drawer, sifting through movie tickets, sticky notes with funny quotes and to do lists and old pens with no ink left. Throwing away tests and papers, gum wrappers and receipts from one too many trips to get ice cream.

I'll miss my friends. I'll miss campus. I'll miss Y mountain and waiting at the light to cross University Ave. I'll miss my crappy apartment, not knowing anyone in my ward and laying by the pool all afternoon.

But, I know I need a break.

Summer belongs to Potter, not Provo.

It's Potter season. The Infinitus Google doc, booking flights and creating packing lists. The "I'll see you soon!" comments on facebook are flooding my news feed. We'll be at Hogwarts in less than a month.

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