Saturday, August 21, 2010

sleeping all day, staying up all night

I'm so sore from my Half Dome hike, I can hardly make it down the stairs. My blisters are still healing, and it'll take some time before my awkward farmer's tan is gone. I still haven't put away my Ravenclaw tie, it's laying next to my empty bottle of pumpkin juice. The thought of getting into a car for 12 hours tomorrow is bringing back memories of trying to stay awake while driving through Kansas in the middle of the night as we trekked across the country.

Remember that time we almost got struck by lightning?
How we had free butterbeer at Hogwarts?
When we took a 45 minute nap at the top of Half Dome?

This summer has been incredible to say the least. Summer of irresponsibility, summer of adventure. The perfect playlist, new dresses and hours of skype. Sunset by the Mississipi, afternoons next to the pool and some excellent books.

Finishing packing up my room now, trying to shove all of my belongings into two suitcases. Still trying to figure out why I thought bringing home so much stuff was a good idea. Pretty soon I'll be off to the beach to spend my last night in California.

Guess what? Fall 2010 is finally here.

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  1. I am jealous of your summer. I'm spending my last few weeks waking up early to go to seminary (I'm making up for all the seminary I slept through), then going back to sleep until my mom calls me to go to McDonald's. I then have a *really* nutritious breakfast while watching Say Yes to the Dress.

    I think I might be having like a 1/5th life crisis or something.