Friday, June 17, 2011

DC Adventures

In my currently unemployed state I've spent much of the last 3 weeks couped up in my new Virginia bedroom studying for the GRE and sending out a billion resumes. But, I have had a chance to explore DC a little and enough time to realize how different the east coast is. I've been all over the US, and this is definitely not my first visit to the DC area, but I've never lived here. You'd think that by this day and age we'd all basically be the same - we watch the same TV shows, read the same magazines, see the same movies and (for the most part) listen to the same songs on the radio. I was shocked to find out how different DC feels. So, throughout my first adventures in the area I recorded a few observations. The following list is the result:

- DC is "The District" to locals, just like San Francisco is "The City"
- American flags are everywhere. The Metro door, on every bench, hanging over the freeway, etc.
- I've always thought wearing a watch was kind of dorky, but it's super classy here
- Everybody seems very aware of their American heritage and what it means to live in or around our nation's capitol
- You've got to know your politics if you want people to respect you
- Lots of men and women in uniform, both on and off duty
- Fireflies are so magical, all the rest of the bugs are not
- The humidity can be brutal
- A lot of people smoke cigars
- There is this sense of regality that I can't quite put my finger on

I'm really starting to fall in love with the area. I can't wait to finally have a job and start really settling in socially. I miss Provo and California (especially the people who live there) every single day, but I'm quickly becoming a DC girl.

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